Untitled, 2011, flashe on panel,  8x10

The Queen, 2011, acrylic and flashe on panel, 11x14

Big Net, 2011, flashe on panel, 11x14

Green Filbert, 2011, acrylic and  flashe on panel, 8x10

The Tiny Shiny Black One, 2011, oil and flashe on panel, 6x6

Dotted Lines, 2011, acrylic ink, acrylic, and flashe on panel, 8x10

Purple Frames, 2011, flashe on panel, 8x10

Black Light, 2011, acrylic and  flashe on panel, 11x14

Frame, 2011, flashe on panel, 11x14

Rope Border, 2011, flashe on panel, 11x14

Untitled, 2011, acrylic and flashe on cardboard, 8x10

Untitled (mauve), 2011, flashe on panel, 8x10

Pool, 2011, acrylic and oil on panel, 11x14

Green and Peach, 2011, flashe on panel, 11x14

Untitled, 2011, oil and flashe on panel, 6x6